Silver Linings Rantbook

It’s Friday and my attention span isn’t what it was in 1990, so a bulleted list for easy reading.  Speaking of easy reading, when I think about my style choices for this blog – “Body Font Size” is the one element I keep going back to change.  Eyesight isn’t what it used to be either.  Bigger still, huh?

Things I won’t rant about:

  • Silver Linings Playbook.  I want to see that and whole bunch of other movies, but we got a gap here.  Not in our Lux English theatres, not yet on Amazon Video.   
  • Tri-lingual-ness as table stakes.  Let’s all agree on “Bon Jour, bitte.”
  • My Landord’s SLA.  I trust he is on holiday.
  • Mumford & Sons is coming to Luxembourg!  Gotta love tax friendly countries.   What – we will have to wait??  Mumford & Sons is SOLD OUT?!   Super big sad face.
  • European toilet paper.  We’ve all been there, and I’ve been to Africa.  The tree may be happy, Shel Silverstein, but the tush is only appreciative.
  • Eat early, eat alone.  Metabolize that.
  • Rain.  I come with 20 years’ experience, and appropriate gear.  I do however wish meteorologist/therapist Cliff Mass was here to make me feel better about it.  And sing me a snow lullaby. 
  • Sports physicals and licenses.  There is an entire blog on this subject, but since we are still “in process” on this one – best to let it unfold before I rock your US-is-the-most-youth-sports-crazed-country  mind.   
  • Pate.  I want to believe, but my gag reflux will not be suppressed.  You can go have a party with the oysters – those pompous shellfish who don’t have a hint of anything but the sea.  I still like oysters, just not  the ‘tude.   Pate, on the other hand, is turd.  (And I will eat turd if this opinion changes in next 2 years.)

Things I will rave about:

  • European tipping policy.  Loose coins makes happy waiters.  Tipping the hairdresser 20 euro bills makes me blonde -- even blonder now .  Not exactly “yikes” blonde, but “whoa-this-will-take-some-maintenance” blonde.
  • No bumper stickers.  Either everyone here unanimously supports the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, or they don’t believe they change anyone’s mind at a traffic stop.  Everyone’s child is obviously an honor student – reference tri-lingual-ness.  And clearly no truck driver wants me calling to report how well they are driving.
  • 250ml Coke Zero bottles.  Oh, so petit and easy to hide.  It’s like four Dixie Cup swigs of home.
  • Swipe free bus riding.  Public trust and transportation. Swipe once to activate your monthly bus card and then take a moment to locate your nearest entry and exit door, and use whichever you like.
  • School lunches.   Move over Japan, you aren’t the only ones keeping kids happy with Bento Boxes.  You are however keeping my kid from enjoying recess because he “can’t wait” for lunch.
  • Diesel.  Because I think I’m supposed to say that.
  • Konrads Café & Bar.  A little piece of Seattle in the heart of Luxembourg City.  And tonight a concert by an Icelandic singer with my Seattle pal Angela!
  • Much, much more … but we should pace ourselves.