Another Image of the Refugee Crisis

There have been many images coming out of Europe showing refugees arriving or stuck at borders, so here’s another image worth sharing.

This photo was taken yesterday outside of Frankfurt, Germany at an old American Air Force base turned refugee camp operated by the German Red Cross. Opening about a month ago, there are now 650 mostly Syrians here housed in tents waiting for their applications to be processed.

Twelve students (my son included) and four teachers from the International School of Luxembourg made a trip there yesterday to deliver a truckload of donations the school had collected. In addition to making the delivery, the students were tasked with sorting and organizing all the donated toys, books, school supplies and sports equipment in a tent that been set aside for a children’s play centre.

What the students saw when they arrived were kids, dressed in their best clothes, waiting at a tent for their German classes to begin. The classes are taught by volunteers and so for now, they have a new teacher each day and their school day is only about 90 minutes but these kids are ready to learn.

What the students heard as they unpacked the truck, which included a donated foosball table, is that when they aren’t learning German, the kids needs things to do. They also heard some whispers the food could use a little more spice. (Anyone who has had German food can relate to this!)

That was the mission, but here was the magic. The mingling that happened afterward in a rain storm. Connections were made: “You’re 17 too!, lots of pictures were taken, extra foosballs and spices the students picked up over lunch were received with such gratitude and no one wanted to get back on the bus.

There is goodness in the world, people.