When we don’t really know

When sources cannot or will not be disclosed

Whatever comes to fill in the blank

The catch all for that elusive thing we sort of believe

_ it takes

_you want


A wink to corners cut, people unseen

Its flimsiness further crippled when used all by its lonesome


For all its accommodation, an abandoned whatever reeks of indifference

A smack down to further thinking or conversation

The socially accepted shorthand for “I don’t care past here.”

But what if rather than the last bite, whatever was the first taste

A call to scan far and wide for

Whatever is true and lovely and excellent

Not only the obvious things but the hidden things too

Past right now into what is right and just

Past the edges of good enough

A continuous decision to gorge on so much lovely your thought bubbles could be jumbotroned                                                                                                                           

Probing what moves us one step closer to our humanity and two steps closer to understanding another’s dignity

Noticing what takes our breath away and allowing it to give it back with compound interest

A flywheel of virtuous thought and practice

Whatever re-imagined

To a wide open place with commas and exclamation marks and run-on sentences…