The Lord's Prayer

Photo taken in Porto, Portugal

(The Lord's Prayer, in my own words inspired by NT Wright, Lent for Everyone: Luke, Year C)

God, who is not only mine, but Ours

Let us start by staying Wow!

We think a lot of things are amazing, but are they really in light of you?

Imagine everything being right.  Heaven on earth.  Peace.  Just imagine.   Because really – it is the plan.

[Long pause………………………………..]


While we wait, give us these three things we need:

The basics.  You know we need to eat and eat often.

Clean inner fuel.  Release us from the toxins that poison us and our relationships.

A secure path.  Help us stay on the path of true adventure, avoiding the dead ends that may temporarily dazzle.


And thank you because the first pause helped us to remember:

That though we will need to say this all over again tomorrow;

your amazingly right plan - for then and even now – carries on.