Unscheduled appointments

Like a plumber who arrives unannounced

To finally tend to some clogged drains


Excavating debris from places unknown

Every hair out of place and now on display


Replacing valves narrowed by calcification

Hard leaking out and encrusting itself as scale


We would have swiped the traps had we known

Snaked the drains to show we tried


Instead the towels are all hanging out

Not expecting company


It is hard to tell with this visitant

Too embarrassed are we to lock eyes


He sees the mess we're in

With judgment we can only suppose.


Afterwards, we scamper around tidying

With brush and bleach in hand


A deeper clean than normal

Reinforcing our capacity for Good Housekeeping


The mirror now sparkles, “Ready.”

Forgetting the blocked water flow solved


Oh the hubris, the silliness to think

We can keep it all pristine

That a hair shall never fall out our heads

That hard water is ours alone to bear


Something is forgotten

We were not the ones who called for help?