Happiness is

Happiness is. Scratch that. Too ambitious. A happy day is:

  1. Little things that don’t make you want to grumble.
  2. Out of reach things that move in a little closer.
  3. The tingling warmth of filtered sun playing peekaboo with the clouds.
  4. As in a dream sequence, the unannounced thought bubble of a friend which causes you to send a silent virtual squeeze.
  5. Insisting your body GO and then testifying to it going further than it wants.
  6. The disarming appreciation of what was supposed to be a semi-random act of kindness.
  7. The likeness of someone you once knew in the face of a stranger.
  8. When direction doesn’t come in stereo, but becomes audible as the faint sound of bass when your ear presses down into the pillow.
  9. The delight of a freshly sharpened pencil and a well-worn Moleskine.
  10. The conviction, even if more fleeting than you want, that everything has the potential to cut both ways.