15 kinds of Facebook Super-Heroes

I love Facebook and I'm not shy about it.

I read the “14 kinds of Facebook people you want to block, but you can’t because they’re sort of your friends” article.  It made me laugh, so I shared it on Facebook, and added some of my own.

  •  The non-discriminating photographer who shares all 40 of their photos, one post at a time.
  • The monthly Facebooker who posts that viral video two weeks after everyone has already seen it.
  • That guy who’s keeps taking a selfie photo with his shirt off.
  • The sports fan (and anyone out past 1am) who posts play by play action.
  • The person who doesn’t believe that you will click to read the article and so posts an overly large chunk of it in their status.
  • The MORE THAN THIS MANY ########## PEOPLE!!!!!
  • Another George Takei fan.
  • That person living abroad who’s posted one too many “Look where I am!” status updates (with photos included.)  That's me!

It also inspired me to write this list.  My list is 14 + 1 though, because there are way more awesome than annoying people on Facebook. #icanproveit #noicantreally #lifeisgood

  1. The women who look amazing not just in their own photos, but also the ones they’ve been tagged in and the women who are confident enough to keep all their tags on, no matter how unflattering.
  2. The guy who can’t help but tell the world how much he loves his spouse and children.
  3. The teenager who friends you.
  4. That person who has achieved just the right balance of posting/liking/sharing – who in conversation, you know or imagine would be a great listener.
  5. Those people who don’t mean to make us feel bad, they just have their sh** together – even at the end of the school year.
  6. The Goodreaders who finish and review books.
  7. The amazing photo caption writer followed by the person who knows how to make those nine image photo collages.
  8. That fascinating person who compelled you to click a link you’d normally not be interested in.
  9. That thoughtful soul who doesn’t miss a Facebook birthday, who in a previous FB life may have been a poker, but who now drives by you Wall to give you smooches just because.
  10. That courageous person who follows the narrow path, but who does it graciously enough that you’d take a step off the super highway to have a look.
  11. The artists who share their work with us.
  12. The routinely grateful person who causes us to pause when we feel a rant coming on.
  13. The funnyman and especially funnywomen who makes us belly laugh.
  14. The real people who tell enough of their small moments - and disclose a few of the messy ones - to make us cheer loudly when a big one comes along. 
  15. The people who are quietly doing important work at home, in the workplace, and in the world – who may not get as many likes or comments as their work deserves – or who are more likely too busy to tell us about it … to you: “WELL DONE REAL WORLD SUPERHERO!”