Wandering Thoughts

I wish I was smarter

There’s so much to know.

And so much in need of understanding.

I wish I wanted for wisdom as much as knowledge

One can be accumulated,

The other earned through trial and failure.

I wish my idling thoughts were deeper

Full of wondering questions.

Full of more than myself.

I wish my memory bank was more organized

That it sprung fewer leaks.

Captured only the important stuff.

I wish I had curiosity to send me further afield

Back to the history books

To more than what’s in easy reach.

But my mind is tied down

I’m carrying around all those packages of worry

And other icky stuff.

They’re so heavy, you know?

Maybe I could leave them here.

You could too.

We can see more of the world if we do.

It won’t make us smarter.

Or plug all our leaks.

But our journey will be lighter.

A wise man once said:

Bring all that you have

And that will be enough.