May Day

Yesterday was May Day – a national holiday here for schools and employers – to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Spring has been VERY late to arrive in Luxembourg as we have been told it’s the coldest, longest winter on record.  It therefore seemed appropriate to mark the day with a hike.  Brett recently picked up a book called “Rambling Routes: 201 Selected Walks in Luxembourg.”  The walking/biking/running routes in this small country continue to amaze.  Our first hike was a 15 minute drive to the trail head. 

In addition to enjoying the hike, I enjoyed looking at the world through my camera lens.

LEFT: Don’t be afraid to come out of your shell.

RIGHT: Tattered and frayed.  But alive.

LEFT: Stop and see the beetles.

RIGHT: Raining down blessings.  Just try to count them all.

LEFT: I love you to the moon and back.

RIGHT: Pregnant pause.

LEFT: Nature's Welcome Mat.

RIGHT: Breaking with the pack.

LEFT:  Lean on me.

RIGHT:  Designer stubble.

LEFT:  I see you.

RIGHT: Give us this day our daily bread.

LEFT: New growth.

RIGHT: Just roll with it.

LEFT: Church.

RIGHT: 50 shades of green.

LEFT: Twisted in knots.

RIGHT: Come, sit and rest awhile.

LEFT:  I'm mad at you.

RIGHT: Meeting in the middle.

LEFT: We are but dust.

RIGHT: Breaking through.

LEFT: We all have our hang ups.

RIGHT: Ouch.  Black and Green.

LEFT: Going in too many directions.

RIGHT: I still can't take my eyes of you.

LEFT: Blowing kisses.

RIGHT:  Take the one less traveled.

Hug the ones you love.