NBA Beat, 10 year old style

You heard it here first.  My 10 year old’s NBA Scouting Report from the playground of Luxembourg.  Even an ocean can’t stop a boy’s love of the NBA.

The below is taken exactly as written by Colin.  The only modification is that I did spell out his abbreviations for positions.  I also confirmed that the word “stunnas” was intended.     

“Watch out for the Orlando Magic this season.  Here’s why.  They may be the most balanced team in the NBA and may have the best overall bench.  With their starting small forward Tobias Harris, after the trade from the Bucks, he averaged 19 and 7.  Also Harris is probably their best overall player and best clutch player.  The Magic have amazing young talent in Vuecic, Harris, Harkless, Moore, Nicholson, Lamb and of course new rookie from Indiana Vick Oladipo.  If all the young stunnas play well and work together, the Magic would possibly be a playoff contender.”

 “The Indiana Pacers are off to a 4-0 start and the only unbeaten team in the NBA.  If there is a team in the East to watch out for, it isn’t the Heat.  It’s the Pacers.  Personally I think the Pacers have a better roster and are more dangerous at the point guard position.  Hill is better than Chalmers, shooting guard Stephenson is still young and Wade is descending.  At small forward of course they probably have the first and third best in the league.  West and Scola are two decent power forwards and Haselem stinks.  Finally Hibbert is more talented than Bosh.  Pacers are the East champions for sure.”

And this is exactly why we have the rule that no sports talk is allowed at the dinner table.

(But I love that he loves it.  And I can’t wait for tomorrow’s write up.)