Some Recent Awesome Things: Thanksgiving Edition

In Anticipation of Thanksgiving: Some Recent Awesome Things

1. A Butterball Turkey procured in the US commissary in Ramstein, Germany by a local American friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Butterball Turkey, but I AM grateful … It is thawing downstairs in our storage unit. Chicken wings crossed its cold enough!

2. Another local friend and her dear family who has agreed to share in this Butterball Turkey Experiment on a Thursday school night, with crazy busy husbands and six children who should they say one wrong word, will invoke the crazy right out of their Mamas. Don’t let me tell you all the ways we have worked to secure molasses, figs, cranberries … and what I plan to do about finding a turkey roaster that will fit in my junior oven tomorrow.

3. An article called “14 Signs Cheese Is Your One True Love” where I wanted to tell the author that I have “10 More Signs that French Cheese is my Other Lover and He Loves ALL of me.”

4. My new, seriously puffy down jacket made in Germany for what I already know will be the coldest winter on record for a Seattlite who tried to make a go with a Patagonia Down Sweater last winter. As if.

5. An articled called “31 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Parent” and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this would be the first Facebook quiz (sans scoring system) I aced.

6. My new Re:New bag made by refugee women who has resettled in America, transported by air from Chicago to Seattle, carried by personal escort via air from Seattle to Luxembourg and walked in its first outing by one-happy-camper in the streets of Paris.

7. Awesome photos of FB friends traveling to Burma, Iceland, all numbers of German Christmas Markets, and indeterminate places with children and pumpkins or children-of-over-achieving-parents and Santa.

8. My teenager asking if he could read to me the “really nice” text that his Dad sent him. Totally. I mean if he wants to.

9. Snow tires. On my car. On time.

10. An article where the author’s byline included “world traveler”, and I was like “yeah, me too … so how bout we trade your Entrepreneur for my Pushed Three Babies Out and call it a draw.” There’s a Facebook quiz I aced …

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Keep up the T-day and T-day prep pictures ... your across-the-pond friends appreciate them!